WW2 Experiences in Lewisham and the differences in pre and post war life

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  • Interviewee name: John Deal

  • In the second part of his interview, John Deal speaks of how him and his wife Reenee met in the aftermath of the Second World War when they were both training to be teachers. John worked as an aircraft fitter throughout WW2 but never left the country. He witnessed a lot of destruction in the Lewisham area due to fires and bombing... John recounts one particular incident when a dormant incediary bomb fell through the roof of his house onto his parents' bed whilst they were there! Carrying on from his first interview, John explains in more detail the differences he has encountered in society and everyday life before, during and after the war...

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from Stuart Prebble 29th Jul 2011, 05:30

This is utterly wonderful. This man has lived in the same house for 90 years, and is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. He talks in a fascinating way for about 17 minutes with hardly an interruption - and then his wife Renee chips in for the frst time. "John," she says to him, "shut up". Priceless. Thank you John and Renee - this is magical. SP