Watching Hitler drive past in a motorcade

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  • Interviewee name: RAYMOND ELIAS

  • Date of event: 1 Sep 1939

  • Raymond was growing up in Gdansk (Danzig)which was an independent state on the borders of Germany but 98% of whose population was German. One day the crowds gathered to welcome a motorcade carrying Adolf Hitler. Raymond didn't know it at the time, but he was probably witnessing part of the event which caused the declaration of World War 2 - the invasion of Poland.

  • War ww2 Hitler Poland invasion

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from Janet Peters 16th Dec 2014, 08:15

My mum came from Danzig she was born 1927 and left at the end of the war. I am researching my family tree so listening to you talk helps me understand a bit more about Danzig. I am researching Kranburg Strasse !