The beginning of the swinging 60s - A cultural revolution

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  • Interviewee name: Jacki Rogers

  • Jacki Rogers recounts the revolutionary changes that were brought about with the 1960s. It was a drastic change from the austerity of the 1950s. London had been a solemn and grey place after the war and people craved a change in culture and attitude. With the 1960s came a feeling of release and expressionism that previously had been absent. The music and fashion were life-changing, and the feelings of freedom and love that were around in that era have never been surpassed. Jacki Rogers recounts her own personal experiences of the 60s and how they changed her. She recalls going to coffee shops to see live 'skiffle' music, hearing her first Elvis Presley album and wearing her first bell-bottom trousers.

  • revolution culture music 1960s 60s release happiness peace and love flower power

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from Jennie Walters 01st Apr 2014, 10:53

Fascinating! Really enjoyed these memories...