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  • Interviewee name: William Walker

  • Flt Lt William Walker was called to full time service in September 1939 and joined 616 Squadron at Lakenfield Aerodrome. Here he tells the amazing story of being shot down in his Spitfire by a Messerschmidt over the English Channel - and surviving!

  • world war two william walker spitfire dogfight messerschmitt

6 Comments so far

from Naqib Qazi 23rd Oct 2012, 01:40

What a fantastic story...loved it. Amazing souvenir at the end as well.

from Chris Eyre 27th Sep 2010, 06:32

What a delightful gentleman and what a raconteur! Flt Lt Walker and his ilk are a breed apart. Wonderful interview

from David Bush 04th Apr 2010, 06:42

What a guy, notice how he plays down his own personal suffering and fears. These are the people who our children should know and aspire to become not the selfish plastic celebrities we have paraded before us in the daily media. Men like this made our once great nation and should be honoured.

from Mike Leveridge 01st Apr 2010, 12:53

Great footage. Reminds us all of the risks taken by young men for this country. Not that anyone should need reminding. Brilliant.

from Dave Horner 01st Apr 2010, 11:29

What a fantastic story, and what a souviner.