Put through paces by the Royal Marines

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Henry Allingham

  • Henry Allingham was born in 1896 and, at the time he gave this interview, the World's Oldest man. After his mother died Henry enlisted with the RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service). He became formally rated as an Air Mechanic Second Class on 21 September 1915, and was posted to Chingford before completing his training at Sheerness. Here he talks a little about being put through his paces by the Royal Marines, and in particular is referring to a Corporal Lewis who was known to instill harsh discipline and made them do marching military drills. Henry didn't take kindly to this and didn't see the point in the drills - he just wanted to get on with the job and that the 'square-bashing' was pointless. Henry died a few weeks after this interview on the 18th July 2009.

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from Stuart Prebble 01st Jul 2009, 06:03

I guess that at this point we were only ever going to get a few glimpses into the life of Henry Allingham - but still, what a marvellous thing all round. Well done Zoe. SP