Post office strike 1970

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: My dad

  • Date of event: 1 Jan 1970

  • Video of my dad telling people about the 1970 post strike in the uk

  • post office strike 1970

6 Comments so far

from Sandra Volcere 19th Jun 2009, 10:02

This is a really detailed insight into what was happening at grassroots level at the time. Well done Adam and Mr Mohammed for sharing this!

from Hamidullah Ahmadi 14th May 2009, 10:39

Nice post Adam. Good to hear about post offices at that time.

from Petrit Krasniqi 14th May 2009, 10:37

Interesting story... Well done Adam

from Simon Dore 14th May 2009, 09:16

Excellent Adam, very interesting.. I'd really like to see your Dad's name in the 'Interviwee name' box though.. could you add this?

from Zoe Timmers 14th May 2009, 08:42

Great video Adam, your Dad is a great talker and you guided him through the interview really well with some good questions! Well done!