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  • Interviewee name: David Wood

  • After HMS Sheffield was hit during the Falklands War, morale onboard HMS Coventry was down...but only for a bit! Coventry and her crew started preparing for further attacks. Here David Wood who served onboard HMS Coventry talks about how prepared they were, and how he believes HMS Coventry was put into a position where she would be attacked.

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Zoe Timmers 12th Apr 2009, 10:48

I'll let him know about the voiceovers. Am sure he will be very flattered!

from Stuart Prebble 12th Apr 2009, 06:50

This sounds very convincing - from this man's account, it does seem likely that his ship was being used as a decoy. Amazing to sit there on a huge ship, just like a sitting duck, waiting to be attacked - and yet still have the confidence he does. (and by the way, someone should tell this bloke that he could do voice-overs for advertisements)