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  • Interviewee name: TONY TROULAN

  • former Head of the Bomb Squad recalls officer training at Sandhurst, and how the regular soldiers were treate by "the officer class".


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from Denos Constantine 04th Jan 2010, 01:12

By the way, Tony, you were very popular with the rest of us cadets, thanks to your thoughtful and selfless advice and help! I can't help wondering, however, whether it was Sandhust that polished up that West Country accent you had!!!!

from Denos Constantine 04th Jan 2010, 01:09

I was in the same platoon as Tony in Normandy Company Sandhurst in 1989. I remember from the very outset that the Directing Staff, particularly the Colour Sergeant, came down harder on Tony than anyone, possibly because he turned up with both Para wings and his Commando dagger badge as well as Royal Engineer badge on his green beret. I don't remember anyone from our platoon being from Harrow or Eton, but I did tell Tony about an amusing exercise I had been on in the Isle of Wight in which a lack of intelligence (military and common sense!) had resulted in a battalion attack on a supposedly empty cottage that turned out to be the holiday retreat of a vicar - the vicar did see the funny side of being woken at 5am by several hundred men shooting and shouting orders.. he even toured the "battlefield" in his slippers ministering to the notionally wounded! There were several overseas students on our course, including a chap 2 doors down from Tony in our New College accommodation who stunned the Directing Staff by never shaving, but only ever using Immac on his face! (It really stings... don't try this at home kids!) Well done to Tony for sticking to his guns and getting a proper Sapper job!