Never short of a dance partner describes Anne's lifelong love of dancing

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Anne Goulding

  • Date of event: 10 Feb 1940

  • Anne describes her love of dancing which started at the age of twelve and continues to this day. Borrowing pennies from her older brother to get into her favourite Morecambe venues, The Tower Ballroom and Winter Gardens. And the creative approach she adopted to decorating her one and only dress! When the war started the regular turnover of Army and RAF recruits stationed at Morecambe, ensured Anne was never short of a dance partner!

  • Morecambe Winter Gardens Tower Ballroom

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from Stuart Prebble 10th Nov 2016, 06:08

What a lovely woman, and a lovely interview. It's terrific seeing those archive photos of the area. Anne's sparkle and charisma brings to life the times she lived through. She owned one dress, and decorated it with a different braid every week so that it would look like a different one. She also made a new dress out of old curtains - watch the interview to find out why she couldn't wear it!