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  • Interviewee name: Bill Avis

  • In November 1955 Lance Corporal Bill Avis was recalled to the Suez Canal zone where he had been posted since 1953. On the way back to the zone, Bill's company were detoured to Cyprus to bolster British troops as the recently founded EOKA terrorist were seeking independence and union with Greece through armed struggle. It was a cup of tea that saved Bill's life against a terrorist attack that struck hours after Bill had arrived on the island....

  • CYPRUS suez crisis bill avis eoka terrorism terrorist

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from Hamidullah Ahmadi 20th Apr 2009, 07:23

wow what a emonational story, Great post

from Stuart Prebble 13th Apr 2009, 07:42

Fascinating to put this and other stories about Cyprus together with the testimony of John Elliott, also on StoryVault. You begin to build up a picture of life for the ordinary British serviceman in trying to keep the peace between warring factions, and ending up as targets in their own right.