MyStory - World War Two: Serving as a Royal Marine Commando

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Ronnie Carroll

  • Date of event: 1 Jan 1940

  • Ronnie joined the Royal Marine Commandos and in this story he recalls a number of highlights throughout his time in Service. Ronnie begins by detailing the duties of a Royal Marine Commando and the intensive training which the Marines had to carry out up in Scotland before they were to be sent out for active service. Once the Marines had undertaken all the necessary training, they were then assigned to a mission, one of which Ronnie recalls as being sent out to Durban, South Africa. After reaching their destination, fighting their way through enemy submarine attacks along the way, Ronnie remembers being permitted ashore with a number of other men. Unfortunately, Ronnie and a fellow companion enjoyed themselves a little too much whilst on land, and when returning to their ship where pulled-up for drunken behaviour and spent the night locked in the ship's cabin! The subsequent disciplinary action which Ronnie received saw him demoted from the position of Corporal to that of Marine! Ronnie then moves on to inform us about his time spent in Holland. One particular recollection is that of Ronnie and his men advancing through the Dutch countryside and stumbling across a wagon full of essential supplies. After moving in to take advantage of their findings it wasn't long before the men were under fire! With the likelihood of being spotted by the enemy, Ronnie and his men returned fire on their yet unknown assailants, only to find out that they were in fact US Troops and it was US supplies which they were helping themselves to! After reconciling with the American allies, the two groups of men shared a drink, with the US Troops offering whatever supplies necessary to Ronnie and his mean before the two divisions went their separate ways. Finally, Ronnie tells of his Commandos' continued advancement through Holland, driving the German forces further and further back.

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