MyStory - World War Two: Entertaining the Troops

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Ronnie Carroll

  • Date of event: 1 Jan 1942

  • When the Second World War broke out in 1939, Ronnie joined the Royal Marine Commandos and in this story he recalls travelling to India, and the horrendous conditions travelling on ships to these faraway lands -- although, unlike the majority of his compatriots, Ronnie actually quite enjoyed the journeys across the seas. After arriving in India Ronnie recalls being stationed near large intimidating jungles in order to train for the possibility of enemy attacks within the jungle environment. Ronnie has vivid recollections of crawling through jungles whilst training and encountering giant snakes and other life forms which inhabit such a climate. Fortunately for Ronnie and his squadron they did not encounter enemy forces whilst billeted in the Jungles in India. Ronnie then describes how the troops were occasionally subjected to local entertainment events in the evenings whilst away on service with the Commandos. He remembers one particular formal event in Poona; and dismissing the lavish event as dull and boring, (no dancing or morale boosting merriment), Ronnie and his friend (Fritzie) took it upon themselves to get up in front of the troops, cracking jokes and causing general mischief, which would no doubt land them in hot water later with their Sergeant Major, regardless of the other troops' amusements! It was whilst in India that Ronnie and the Commandos were called back to England, having being given the brief that they were to now embark on the invasion of Holland. As a Royal Marine Commando it was the duty to be first in line for such invasions and the distress and disgust on Ronnie's face when recalling what it was like during those unimaginably traumatic times, is plain to see.

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