MyStory - Training to be a Sailor at 12 years of age

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: William Gallagher

  • A MyStory film uploaded by DHE Solutions. [ A higher quality version of this film with subtitles can be viewed here - ] On seeing how well his uncle; a ships boatswain, lived on board ship, Bill pestered his parents to go away to sea. He started training on the training Ship 'Indefatigable' at the age of 12. When war came he joined the Merchant Navy becoming a signalman. He later moved to the Royal Navy. The training he received on the Indefatigable held him in good stead for his life as a sailor.

  • second world war ww2 WWII sailor Navy boats

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from Stuart Prebble 08th Apr 2013, 07:52

How terrific to see the lovely relationship between Emma and her Grandfather. He's a great story-teller, and this is a fascinating insight into his early life at sea. Wonderful archive photos - and well-worth waiting to see the archive footage at the end. Lovely piece. Thank you.