Moving from Guyana to London in the 1960s

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  • Interviewee name: Peter Dyall

  • In this interview Peter Dyall talks to us about his colourful life. Originally from Guyana, where he lived in a mud hut with his family, he moved to London to find work in the 1960s. He speaks of the extreme racial tension he was faced with when he arrived, how he went about finding work, living conditions for the working class in London and partying in the dance halls in his free time! Peter originally wanted to become a diamond cutter but then started working for the dairy express, he also worked in the mines for several years, before settling into hospital work.

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from Tia Bissu 07th Mar 2011, 08:10

My family and i were all born from Guyana i only lived there for 4 years until my mum,dad and two sisters moved to Wales now we live in Plymouth.