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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: MRS FAY PANNELL OBE

  • Date of event: 1 Jan 1943

  • Now 91 years old, Fay lived in Woolwich Arsenal during part of the war, and tells how she went shopping during air-raids, but came to fear the arrival of the "doodle-bugs".

  • bombing world war two AIR RAIDS BLITZ

3 Comments so far

from Dave Horner 02nd Apr 2010, 07:57

Shopping during an air raid?? I know where i'd have been!

from Mike Leveridge 01st Apr 2010, 06:19

I love the lady's comment towards the end when she says " People are far more scared of things nowadays then we were then" ( or something close to that) how very true!!. I have had converations with parts of my family who survived the blitz etc. Fascinating stuff.

from Will Parsons 14th Aug 2009, 05:11

How fascinating to hear live reminiscences from someone who actually experienced the horrors of the war.