Lena Martin, her birth and some ancestors

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Helena (Lena) Rosetta Martin - nee Taylor

  • Lena Martin died in April 2010 aged 102. 101 years old at the time she gave this interview, Lena, born in 1908, explains about her birthplace and gives a colourful description of her antecedents, many of whom were Agisters of the New Forest in the county of Hampshire in the South of England. "Agisters" are appointed as rangers or policemen of this great royal forest, once used as King William's private hunting ground.

  • New Forest Agister Martin Evemy Taylor

3 Comments so far

from Tina Hill 31st Mar 2016, 03:34

thanks Lena, hope you are watching from heaven you are a wonderful woman thankyou for your storytelling, beautiful to hear your life history : ) such a vibrant soul : )

from Zoe Timmers 23rd Jul 2009, 10:44

Lovely Lena! Nice to hear from someone about their family history.

from Stuart Prebble 23rd Jul 2009, 03:44

What a wonderful woman! Lovely.