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  • John Baxter was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and held first on Java. He was then transported to a camp on mainland Japan near Kyushu a coal mining area. Here he describes life in the camp - and how one prison guard was surprisingly friendly.

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from Hazel Connelly 27th Jan 2011, 03:47

I have to say I think Mr Baxter was a very lucky prisoner.. My father who was captured by the Japanese had a totally different experience.. He was captured In February 1942 in Changi, the second camp he went to was Non-Pladuk (there are various spellings of this) this was at the start of the railway then he was transferred to a camp called Ubon which was repairing airstrips in the north of Thailand. I recall my father saying he had to thank god that he was a small chap, the larger chaps were always severely beaten by the guards. My father passed away in 1961, the war left him with Malaria and too many stomach ulcers. He was 56 years old when he died.

from Frank Martin 07th May 2009, 01:31

Doesn't sound quite as vicious as the stereotypical japanese prison. Still doesn't sound great.

from boban tanovic 29th Mar 2009, 08:59

after any sort of radioactive exposure you want to be eating seaweeds ...

from Stuart Prebble 29th Mar 2009, 07:31

Fascinating to get an account of life in a Japanese prisoner of war camp from a real experience. We're so used to seeing everything from "Bridge over the River Kwai" to "Tenko", that to hear the true story gives an especially interesting perspective.