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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: MAJOR GENERAL JAMES SHAW

  • Date of event: 20 Jul 1974

  • When the Turks invaded Cyprus, James led a team charged with the job of bringing the High Commissioner out safely. It's a pity that a man he had to punch turned out to be a very senior officer......


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Stuart Prebble 22nd Mar 2010, 04:08

Thanks Chris. Fascinating stuff. It would be great if you felt able to tell this story in person by uploading a video. Then maybe your grandchildren will eventually enjoy hearing and seeing you tell it!

from chris dickens 22nd Mar 2010, 11:30

This brings back many memories. I was living in Cyprus with the family when the Turks invaded - we were living in Famagusta and experienced the thrills and scares as the Turkish air force attacked the city and the Greek Cypriots attacked the old walled fort (which was where the Turks lived). We were evacuated - then sent back in to Famagusta believing the invasion had halted. Then it kicked off again and we were taken out in convoy - leaving my Father behind on watch at 4 Mile Point, and were flown out in Hercules transporters that were bringing in the Ghurkas. I've been back once to Paphos which was disappointing - the mediterranean 'idyll' I remember as a schoolkid seems to have been swamped by commercial exploitation - Ayia Napa was a beautiful un-spoilt beach - as was Fig Tree Bay - they were only really accessible by boat!