Battle of Jutland 1916

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Henry Allingham

  • Date of event: 1 Jan 1916

  • Henry William Allingham was born 6 June 1896 and was, at the age of 113 when he gave this interview, the oldest verified living man in the world. Allingham is the oldest ever surviving member of any of the British Armed Forces and the oldest surviving veteran of the First World War. He is the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland. Here he describes (as best he can!) his remaining memories of the Battle of Jutland. Henry was ordered to join the Naval trawler HMT Kingfisher. Onboard was a Sopwith Schneider seaplane that was used to look out for the German High Seas Fleet. Allingham's responsibilities included helping to launch the plane. Although the Kingfisher was not directly involved in the battle (it shadowed the British Grand Fleet and then the High Seas Fleet), Allingham here recalls seeing the fleet steaming past him and lining up - the Germans plan had been to lure the British Fleet away and into mines and traps they had laid on for them - but this didn't work. Henry died a few weeks after this interview on the 18th July 2009

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3 Comments so far

from Kiera Durston 14th Aug 2010, 12:30

What a great man he can remember what happened 93 year ago!!! I probably cant remember 5 minutes ago:) R.I.P Henry:)

from Stuart Prebble 20th Jul 2009, 03:20

Here is a man remembering an event wich took place 93 years ago, by which time he was already old enough to be a military serviceman. This must be a unique event in the entire history of the world. What a remarkable man. May he now rest in peace. SP

from Nicola Flood 19th Jul 2009, 11:30

It is an honour to hear the words of this man describing his experiences at war. A glimpse of the past we may have missed. We should treasure this. Thanks.