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  • Interviewee name: David Wood

  • Date of event: 25 May 1982

  • On 25th May 1982, one of Argentina's National days, HMS Coventry, accompanied by HMS Broadsword was ordered to take up position in Falkland Sound to act as a decoy to draw away Argentinian aircraft from other ships at San Carlos Bay. But Coventry was attacked...and David Wood was onboard. Here he describes the aftermath, abandoning ship, and how what happened will never leave him.

  • Falklands falklands war hms coventry david wood argentina

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from Stuart Prebble 02nd Apr 2009, 06:20

It's just humbling to hear this sort of thing. A very average sort of bloke, could be your next door neighbour, and he's been through something like this. And there are hundreds of them.... all with amazing memories.... he's a brave man to have been there, and brave again to be able and willing to talk about it.