growing up in WWII- part 1

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from Zoe Timmers 20th Apr 2009, 04:41

Katie what a great interview well done! And you are the first of our testers from a School too so yay! Really interesting. See you next week when I come into School again.

from Isabella Cullen 17th Apr 2009, 08:12

wow your video is really good! I haven't done mine yet :S

from Stuart Prebble 16th Apr 2009, 04:32

This is a wonderful interview - what an amazing man to be able to tell his story in so clear and free-flowing a way without any prompting. Fascinating stuff. It would be great if Katherine could add some tag-lines so that the interview could be accessed more readily by people interested in this period. I guess things like "schooldays", "Vietnam", Air-raids" would be the sort of thing. Am stepping straight on to view Part 2.......