Donald Levine

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: Donald Levine

  • I asked my uncle about his first love and remarkable moments in his life.

  • life experiences

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from Simon Dore 02nd Feb 2016, 06:15

A really interesting interview Ella. It's nice quality again and you're keeping the camera steadier too. The main problem with the darkness of the shot is that there's a light on in the room behind Donald which is brighter than the room he is in so the camera's trying adjust to the brighter light. It's a good setting though and you've framed him pretty well.. it's always nice to see people in a home environment, it says a lot about them and makes them feel relaxed too. Your questions are good as they were with your Gran and you've got Donald to feel comfortable answering. I look forward to your next.

from Stuart Prebble 01st Feb 2016, 10:53

This is a really nice upload from Ella. Thanks to her and to Donald. Three really good and revealing questions gave us a terrific insight into Donald's personality and warmth. One small suggestion is that maybe it would be possible to ask interviewees to sit beside a window or a lamp? Donald speaks so well and it's a shame not to be able to see him more clearly. It would also be so great to be able to see pictures or the real people he is speaking of......when you look back at this at years to come, it'll be a wonderful reminder of happy times. Thanks so much. SP