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  • Interviewee name: John Phillips

  • A mere day after arriving in the Falklands Bomb disposal Sergeant Major John Phillips and his colleague Staff Sergeant James Prescott were tasked to HMS Argonaut which had been hit by 2 bombs. He he remembers how he got from the ship he was on the Canberra to the Argonaut and that when he saw the bomb, it was actually a British make...

  • Falklands falklands war argentina john phillips

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from Vince Cane 18th Apr 2011, 10:52

I had the enormous privilege of working with John in the early 90's in his civvy career as the deputy security manager at the QE11 conference centre in London. As an ex-submariner myself we shared that camaraderie that can only be shared by servicemen. It would not be possible to meet a nicer bloke than John and to this day I remain struck by his calm and rational acceptance of what happened to him and Jim Prescott on that terrible day. I was an apprentice during the Falklands conflict (having only joined up in Sept 1981) but went on to serve on HMS Conqueror who herself played a very big part in the war... Accounts like John's are so important in retaining a memory of these historic event...

Zoe Timmers 04th Feb 2010, 09:32

Thanks so much for your comment Andrew. It was an honour to meet John and hear his story - very moving indeed. And important to be shared I think. If you have any stories you wish to share, do! We'd love to hear them!

from ANDREW MORRISON 31st Jan 2010, 07:32

From Mo Morrison - HMS ARGONAUT 1981-1983 Absolutely fantastic to hear this story from John. I can vaguely remember him and his colleague on our ship but am forever thankful for the brave and courageous work John and Jim carried out. They saved the Argonaut and her crew.The following day on Antelope was a tragedy. Thanks so much John and your story brought back so many memories.

from Conor Wilcox-Mahon 07th May 2009, 01:40

this is a gripping story, retold in great detail- good job!

from Stuart Prebble 02nd Apr 2009, 05:37

What a cliff-hanger! The things about so many of these men is that they are so "matter of fact" about stuff the rest os us would regard as utterly heroic. They just seem to take it as "it was part of the job and we got on with it." Amazing really......