Christmas memories

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  • Interviewee name: Stuart Prebble

  • Christmas is a great subject on which to get started when interviewing older people about their early lives and personal family history. Here is a memory of mine which might stimulate some similar memories which you would be welcome to upload into the Storyvault archive - and maybe your grandchildren will be glad to hear them in years to come.

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from Stuart Prebble 28th Dec 2015, 08:09

Thanks Dave. Kind of you. I remember my own parents talking about how, when they were kids, they were lucky if they got a tangerine in the bottom of their Xmas stocking. My story probably sounds about as historic to younger people today as theirs did to me. That's the passage of time. Thanks for your support. Keep them coming.....!

from MI-Gen CIC 18th Dec 2015, 02:53

This is a great idea, Stuart, and I hope it inspires people to record their childhood recollections of Christmas. As one of three competitive boys, I have golden memories of racing down stairs at 5.30am, dragging groggy eyed parents, clouds of wrapping paper in the air as we raced each other. To avoid favouritism or arguments we tended to get the same things, so taking your time opening them was a particularly bad move and would result in... "that one there will be your sweater from Aunty Edie, and that other one will be your jigsaw!". At 6.30 my parents would return to bed for a few more hours sleep. I recall myself and younger brother playing with a tape recorder non stop until our dad re-emerged at 8.00am and confiscated it. "you can have this back when your 16". Happy days. best wishes David Evans