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  • Interviewee name: John Phillips

  • On May 23rd 1982 Warrant Officer John Phillips and his colleague Staff Sergeant James Prescott were called to HMS Antelope to defuse two 1,100 pound (500 kg) bombs...when one exploded.... In his emotional story John Phillips describes his near death experience, losing his colleague James, his left arm and abandoning ship, finally ending up in Ajax Bay in a makeshift hospital. (Part 1 of this story also on StoryVault)

  • falklands war john phillips hms antelope

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from tommy stanton 03rd Sep 2011, 12:28

I served with Jim around 1979 being just a young sapper of 21yrs of age.I was awaiting deployment for my posting to 33ind,fld,sqn Northern ireland . i was unfortunate to have the title of Sqn runner at that time meaning i did everything from making coffee to running around with messages which i wasnt very pleased about.However Jim was my Sgt and i remember him taking me under his wing and telling me that it was quite alright to call him JIm and not sgt when nobody else was around to hear. I remember an officer addressing me by my last name only and Jim telling the officer to please address me in future using my rank first because jim said i had earned that rank,i also remember those thick black glasses jim used to wear at the time.My posting to Ireland finally came through and on my last day Jim sat me down and we had a chat and a coffee, he told me to always keep my wits about me and my eyes and ears open,he also said that common sense would be just as important as any training i had recieved.Im proud to have known Jim and consider myself honoured to have had him as a friend.This is a remarkable story W/O phillips has told and brings to mind the reality of war and the sacrifices made.John brought tears to my eyes describing that terrible day,men like Jim and John are the backbone of british society.

from Tom Dore 03rd Oct 2010, 01:18

Absolutely fascinating, what a wonderful story! I hope there will be more where that came from!

from Stuart Prebble 02nd Apr 2009, 05:47

What can you say about this man and this interview? This in interview is the best representation so far of what Storyvault is about. What these men went through should never be forgotten..... and if a memory like this doesn't deserve to be preserved for future generations, I don't know what does. What a hero.