Birmingham Blitz in WW2

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  • Interviewee name: Barbara Johnson

  • Barbara Johnson recalls her childhood memories from the Birmingham Air Raids during World War 2, which left Birmingham the 4th most heavily bombed city in the UK. Barbara is chair of the Birmingham Air Raids Remembrance Association (BARRA). For more information visit and

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from Stuart Prebble 30th Dec 2012, 02:56

How amazing to be able to hear this memory from Barbara, She is quite an old lady now, but you can tell that when she relives the story of the time she lost her grandparents, it's as vivid as if it had happened a week ago. We read about casualties of war every day in the newspapers, and it's salutary to think that every one of them is in individual tragedy for a family like Barbara's. Great to have the story on the site.