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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: John Baxter

  • Date of event: 9 Aug 1945

  • John Baxter was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and held first on Java. He was then transported to a camp on mainland Japan near Kyushu a coal mining area. Here he describes the moment the atomic bomb went off in Nagasaki, and how he went straight into the city to try and find the rest of his team.

  • JAPAN world war two atom atomic bomb atom bomb nagasaki

3 Comments so far

from Jack Simcock 29th Sep 2010, 01:36

An incredible story told in the frank tone of true experience. The opportunity to picture the scenes Mr Baxter descibes with out any secondary perspective at all is invaluable and important. I feel wiser for having seen this, thank you Zoe. What a brilliant project Story Vault is.

from Simon Dore 30th Mar 2009, 08:06

This is an amazing story.. just imagine what this experience must have been like! very scary indeed.

from boban tanovic 27th Mar 2009, 03:25

great story