A life in Lewisham, South London, spanning 90 years

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More info about this story

  • Interviewee name: John Deal

  • John Deal was born in 1921 and has lived in the same house in a conservation area of Lewisham for all of his 90 years. John explains what life was like as a child growing up in the 1920sa and then goes on to speak in vivid detail about the differences in the Lewisham area before, during and after the Second World War. In terms of shopping, commerce, industry, home-life; Lewisham was a thriving area, something which has gradually died out... There were countless factories making anything from biscuits, guns and motorcycles to London's fire engines and buses (which used to be made in Greenwich). John gives a fascinating and detailed insight into how life in London has changed in the past century.

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