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4 lads from Bradford or west Yorkshire share their happy childhood memories of holidaying in Morecambe, and why they still enjoy coming back


Never short of a dance partner describes Anne's lifelong love of dancing

Anne describes her love of dancing which started at the age of twelve and continues to this day. Borrowing pennies from her older brother to get into her favourite Morecambe venues, The Tower Ballroom and Winter Gardens. And the creative approach she adopted to decorating her one and only dress! When the war started the regular turnover of Army and RAF recruits stationed at Morecambe, ensured Anne was never short of a dance partner!


Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside

Maureen Rhodes was born and bred in Bradford. In the 1950's her parents brought her to Morecambe twice a year as a child. With typical northern humour, Maureen recalls those glorious bucket and spade days spent on Morecambe sands. Apologies - original version had some sound interference.


Memories from Eric Morecambe's driver

Mike Fountain had the privilege of being Eric Morecambe's chauffeur for many years. Mike recalls the great times they had together, the many places he took Eric, the people he met, and the fond memories he has of him. A 'Wise words from Morecambe' film


On stage with Laurence Olivier

How many of us can claim to have performed on stage with Laurence Olivier?. During the making the film 'The Entertainer' which was filmed in Morecambe, local drummer Ken Thompson and friends auditioned and got the part of the rock-n-roll band to appear in the film. Watch Ken's amusing recollections of the making of the film. A 'Wise words from Morecambe film'