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Rob Williams was an enthusiastic amateur movie-maker all his life, and recorded short films about his family and friends from 1935 onwards. This is an utterly delightful short film featuring seamstress Matilda Kelly who was in a hurry to finish the kneelers she was making for her local church - with good reason as it turned out.


Early days of amateur movie-making.

There can be few ordinary families whose life and times were as well-documented as that of Rob Williams. A keen amateur movie maker from childhood, Rob set up a cinema in a shed in his garden, and shot film of the world all around him, including local celebrations for the coronation of George VI. This lovely film also tells how he met his beloved wife Eileen.


Waking up to find the house surrounded by flames! - in Tottenham

Sharon had gone to sleep on the evening of 7th August when she woke to find the buildings around her house on fire. She made sure her grandchild was safe, and then was out in the street in her pyjamas, fearing that her own house would burn. Still,like so many others, Sharon loves the Tottenham community and sees the positives which have come out of the riots


A perspective on the Tottenham riots by a young local resident

Sabrina was horrified to think that people she knew from her community were taking part in rioting but, like many of her friends and neighbours, she understands why it happened, and is keen that important lessons should be learned - especially that young people should be listened to.


A victim of the Tottenham Riots understands why it happened

Talip's family has a restaurant on Tottenham High Street which had its windows smashed in the riots. Despite that, he understands why the local youths took to the streets - in protest, he says, against heavy-handed policing in the area.