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Evacuation and the aftermath of the Blitz in the City of London

Evelyn Jajechnyk was born and raised in the City of London. She was 12 when she was evacuated with her sister to Norfolk and they stayed there for 3 years during the worst of the bombing. In this interview Evelyn recounts some of her childhood war-time experiences... She remembers the huge difference between the busy market street she lived in in London and the idyllic countryside in Norfolk. Upon her return to London after 3 years she was faced with a destroyed London and on her first night back her parents took her to Aldwych tube station to the shelter... Evelyn also recounts one other incident with a molotov cocktail stuck to her roof!


The beginning of the swinging 60s - A cultural revolution

Jacki Rogers recounts the revolutionary changes that were brought about with the 1960s. It was a drastic change from the austerity of the 1950s. London had been a solemn and grey place after the war and people craved a change in culture and attitude. With the 1960s came a feeling of release and expressionism that previously had been absent. The music and fashion were life-changing, and the feelings of freedom and love that were around in that era have never been surpassed. Jacki Rogers recounts her own personal experiences of the 60s and how they changed her. She recalls going to coffee shops to see live 'skiffle' music, hearing her first Elvis Presley album and wearing her first bell-bottom trousers.


National Service and Life in post-war Hackney

Alex Mitchell speaks in a very positive light about his time doing National Service. He was fortunate to have job where he did not have to train or due guard duty but look after the officers, a 'Back Man' as it used to be called. It was a great atmosphere and he even formed a Skiffle band with some of the other men. Alex also talks about how he met his wife and how she waited for him after until after he finished his National Service when they consequently got married. Alex has always lived in Hackney, East London. He recalls what the area was like in the 60s and 70s and how he used to see the Quay Brothers out and about the place...


Everyday life and tradition in remote Sweden during the 50s and 60s (Part 1)

Christina Andren was born and lived in Sweden up until the 1960s where she moved to the USA to start a new life. In this interview she speaks of the beautiful, remote mountain village where she spent her childhood. Christina explains what life was like there; how people coped with the extreme surroundings and freezing weather, typical food and some of the traditions they partook in.


Secretarial work, typing pools and using the first ever photocopier in the 1950s

Jacki Rogers talks about life during the 1950s training to be a secretary. She recounts her experience learning to type through 'touch type'and going on to work in a busy typing pool. She learned Pitman Shorthand and from then went on to work in her first secretarial job. In the 1950s office work was very different to how it is nowadays, there was an extremely strict protocol with bosses having their own lavoratories, dining rooms and even lifts. This all started to change in the 1960s. Jacki also talks about her experience being one of the first ever office workers to use the first photocopier, which was the size of a bus and took 10-15 minutes to produce one copy!