Posted at 10-10-2016 by: The StoryVault Team

It's often said that history is written by the victors, and so most histories of WW2 are told from the point of view of the politicians or generals or admirals or diplomats.  However there's nothing quite like studying an historical event through hearing the testimony of the ordinary people who lived through it while trying to get on with their everyday lives. For example, put "blitz" or "evacuees" into the Storyvault search engine and you'll find dozens of stories of how that period was experienced by children and neighbours and those who stayed at home for one reason or another.  And the stories include one from a man who was evacuated into the German countryside from his home in the middle of Berlin - to escape the Allied bombing.

Oh and by the way, if you know anyone who lived through it and has a story to tell - record an interview with them and post it on the site.  And don't wait too long before you do........

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