How to...

How to...Upload

Uploading a video onto Storyvault couldn’t be easier. Make sure that your file is not more than 100mb in size and no longer than ten minutes in length. Remember the longer your video the more time it will take to upload – and so you might want to edit it into sections. We have found that the ideal running time of an individual clip is about 4 or 5 minutes.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to upload your content:

  • First you’ll need to register with SV or login to your User Account.
  • Next click the ‘upload now’ button which is always visible in the top right hand corner of the site. The time it takes to upload will depend on the length of the clip and the speed of your broadband service.
  • Now choose what you want to upload – a video file or a document. For videos we recommend that they are only one subject per story. As your video uploads you will see a progress bar.

While your file uploads you’ll need to fill in come details:

  • Give your story a title. If your Grandad has told you the story of his days as a fighter pilot in World War Two you may want to call it ‘Grandad’s World War Two Days’. This is important as it will help people find your story when they search.
  • Next if you know the date the story took place then add it in here, if not then don’t worry you can always add it later if you find out.
  • Next we need to know who is telling the story and if they are related to you.
  • Now you need to give your video some tags – these are important keywords that people will use to find your video.
  • Finally decide who will be able to view your video – Everyone, just your StoryVault contacts, your family tree contacts, or just you.

For more help on uploading or anything else on StoryVault don’t forget to look in Frequently Asked Questions.

How to...Invite

To invite your friends or family to join Storyvault, simply log in to your account and go to ‘Your Network’ in ‘MyStoryvault’ and click on the ‘Invite’ link.

You'll be able to specify the email address of your friend or family member and enter an optional message inviting them to join. If you want more people to join you can click ‘import contacts’. Here you can add as many email addresses from your other email accounts as you like and send a personal invitation.

Once they’ve joined they will be able to join your family-tree, create their own tree and start uploading content too!

How to...Publish

When you upload a video to Storyvault it’s up to you who gets to see it and StoryVault provides you with four options:

  • 'Everyone' - this means that all StoryVault registered and non-registered users will be able to see it.
  • 'My Contacts' - only those you have made your contact on StoryVault will be able to access the video.
  • 'Members of my Family Tree' – only those added to your Tree can view the content.
  • and finally 'just me'.

You can change who gets to see your videos at anytime by going to MyStoryVault and MyVideos, finding the video and changing it accordingly.

How do I create a Family Tree?

To start creating a tree from the Homepage go to 'Family Tree' or you can get to your tree through My StoryVault. Go to 'Create Tree' and give your tree a name. Once you have done that you can begin adding members, either from your contacts list or by carrying out a search. Next simply drag and drop your contacts onto your tree and tell us what connection they are to you.