Help for Schools

There is no better way to interest younger people in history than for them to realise that people they know were part of it! That’s why we have made “Meet the Grandparents” a key part of the StoryVault experience. It is already a part of the National Curriculum for 8 year olds to be encouraged to interview their grandparents; this promotes understanding across generations and helps children to understand that “the past” wasn’t so long ago!

StoryVault can be worked into classes with students ages 8 and up and across many subject areas including Media Studies, History, I.T and Social Studies.

Through a typical StoryVault project Students will be able to:

  • Observe the human side of history as revealed through personal interviews
  • A greater understanding of the importance of oral history and heritage
  • Follow the process of preparing an interview and questions for their interviewee
  • Learn about filming and editing
  • Improve foreign language skills by translating a family member's interview

A typical student’s journey through a StoryVault project might be:

  • An introduction to the idea of oral history with suggestions or examples. What events might interest them? Perhaps talking to their grandad about his memories of living through World War Two. Or what it was like for their grandparents to make the journey to this country from abroad.
  • Who to interview – discussion with family and friends to discover what might make an interesting story.
  • An understanding about the different types of interviews, such as interviewing for information on a topic vs. interviewing for information about that person.
  • An introduction on interview and filming techniques. Students can be put into paired groups to help each other in formulating sets of questions and practice interview technique.
  • Recording and editing their interviews. Students can help each other with the editing process.

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