Notice and Take Down, Safety Policy, Moderation and Acceptable Use

StoryVault is an educational site which encourages its users to interview parents, family, or friends about their memories, and then to upload the recording for the benefit of their families, and of generations of students who are interested in first-hand testimony about the history of our times.

StoryVault users, especially those uploading video content onto the site or contributing to the forums, blogs and chat system should take notice of our Terms of Conditions, and our Safety Tips both of which are reproduced below.

Every video posted on the site is reviewed by a member of the StoryVault team within, at most, a day of it being posted. Our compliance team are highly experienced in looking for inappropriate material, be it potentially offensive or defamatory, or inappropriate for the site for any other reason.

Once posted on the site, every video appears with a button beneath it which says "report abuse". If anyone reports abuse, for any reason, the uploaded content will be reviewed within the course of the next working day by the same experienced team. StoryVault operates a "report and take-down" policy. which means that we will err on the side of caution and remove any content which may cause offence unless the complaint is plainly flippant.

StoryVault also encourages its users to rate and to comment on the content uploaded by others. All such comments are public, and the person who has uploaded the video being commented upon has the ability to delete comments he or she finds offensive or inappropriate. We also ask users to report to us on anything they find uncomfortable or offensive. Comments are also monitored by the StoryVault team and anything offensive will be deleted.

StoryVault also contains a facility for chat, and we are in process of adopting the CEOP tool set and will encourage users to become familiar with and to use this function through signposting within the content and through the carriage of CEOP banners.

Attention is drawn to the following which can also be accessed under the About Us, Safety Tips, and Terms of Conditions links at the footer of every page on the StoryVault site.